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Society of Scribes, Ltd.
P.O. Box 933
New York, NY 10150
Tel: (212) 452-0139
Weekdays 10AM-7PM
E-mail: info@societyofscribes.org

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Board of Governors

President Cara Di Edwardo  
Vice President Chi Nguyen  
Vice President Susan Steele  
Treasurer Janet Barry  
Corresponding Secretary Patricia Whitman  
Recording Secretary Nancy Redgate Favorito  
Programs Cynthia Dantzic  
Website Rebecca Farber  
Special Projects Alice Koeth  
Special Projects Eva Kokoris  
Special Projects Diane Oltarzewski  
Newsletter Anna Pinto  
Classes and Workshops Darlene Record  
Special Projects Emily Brown Shields  

Registrar Janet Barry  
SoS Store Marian Rodenhizer  
Publicity and Advertising Susan Steele  
Exhibition Pat Whitman  
Letters From New York Christopher Calderhead  
Letters From New York Holly Cohen  
Notes From New York Anna Pinto  
Notes From New York Rosemary Kracke  
Directory Calligraphy Alice Koeth  
Design and Production Cara Di Edwardo  
Volunteers most welcome to join any and all committees.
As we are an all-volunteer organization, we need and
appreciate the support of all our members in various
activities and functions.
Patron Members
Diane Carol Brandt
Gail Brill
Dianne J. Condon
Nancy Melzak Corbin
Deborah Delaney
David Gatti
Leigh Harrington
Priscilla T. Holmgren
Eva J. Kokoris
Rory Kotin
Sheila E. Lord
Deborah Nadel
Sheryl Nelson
Judith Ness
Darlene Record
Nancy Redgate
Jane Santos
Anne Sheedy
Emily Brown Shields
Ellen W. Weldon
Supporting Members
Angelamae Abbene
Renée Ahlstrom
Elaine J. Freund
Mariela Gerstein
Elizabeth C. Jones
Amy Kingswell
Loraine Klara
Donna Lee
John J. Miley
Patricia F. Mitrano
Denice H. Nitschke
Jane Pierce
Conni Pitti
Sheila M. Richter
Toby Ross
Elizabeth Shaw
Susan Steele
Gregory Suarez
Stephanie Wargo
Patricia D. Whitman
Supporting Members
Supporting Members
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