(Tentative) Schedule for Spring 2017


Here’s a quick preview of our Spring Schedule. Please know that all dates/classes are subject to change until they are officially posted on our Classes/Workshops page. Registration for Classes will begin on January 23/24; registration for Workshops will begin on February 6/7. Current members will get 24-hour pre-registration by email at 8am on Feb 6; registration will be open to the general public on Feb 7. (Late spring/early summer workshops — from April 30 and beyond — will open on February 27 at 7am for members and on February 28 for general public.)

Classes (Registration opens January 23/24)
February 19/26 – Copperplate Intensive with Marcy Robinson
5 Saturdays starting February 25 – Italic I with Eleanor Winters
5 Sundays starting March 5 – Copperplate I with Elinor Holland
2 Saturdays starting March 18 – Italic Variations with Anna Pinto
April 22/May 6 – Foundational with Eleanor Winters
May 20/21 – Intro to Copperplate with Laura Di Piazza

Early Spring Workshops (Registration opens February 6/7)
February 25/26 – Flat Brush & Embossing with Loredana Zega
March 4/5 – Fraktur with Paul Shaw
March 11/12 – A for Accordion with Cherryl Moote
March 19 – Brush Lettering with Debra Dick
March 26 – Modern Storybook Script with Kathy Milici
April 1/2 – Cadels with Vivian Mungall
April 29/30 – The Artful Flourish with Heather Held (pictured above)

Late Spring Workshops (Registration opens February 27/28)
April 30 – (TBC) The Flourished Name with Kathy Milici
May 6/7 – Spencerian with Harvest Crittenden
May 20/21 – A Sharp Pencil & A Keen Eye with Amity Parks
June 3/4 – (TBC) Roman Capitals with Marcy Robinson
June 10/11 – Gothicized Italic with Barry Morentz

(Dates/classes are still subject to change until officially posted.)