Paste Paper Party! with Anna Pinto: Saturday, May 14


Paste Paper Party!
Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
SVA Annex, 214 E. 21st Street, Room 702A
Details and registration here.

Letters Mingle Souls… but first let there be paper! As early as the 16th century, a mix of paint and paste was used to decorate paper for covers and endpapers for books. Artists today adapt this technique using acrylic paints mixed with paste. Lettering and paper artists further adapt this method for creating invitations, journals, books, cards… the possibilities are indeed up to the imagination. Although it is often referred to as “finger-painting” for adults, it is so much more. Imagine your favorite quote, passage or poem, layered atop a visually textured paper providing a focal point or emphasizing text. Paste papers invoke mood and set tone, further engaging the reader’s response. They can be artsy and flourished with circular or angled brush strokes and bold color or quiet and subdued with minimal texture. You have absolute power over design, color, and texture. The beautifully formed line patterns can serve as guidelines for your calligraphy, further enhancing your text or it can have very little lines and have shapes instead. You decide. Either way, the tactile properties created by the paste provide up close and personal interaction between the artist and the paper, the paper and the text and finally the artist, the finished piece and viewer. What a way to mingle souls!

Some time ago B.C. (before calligraphy and the Society of Scribes), I took a paste paper class and enjoyed it. I stored the papers away however, not knowing what to do with them. Recently, in Anna’s Layout class, I understood the impact these papers can have! Anna’s painted papers—to quote Pablo Neruda: “ignited my soul!” Anna’s beautiful paste papers fanned the flames of which Neruda speaks. I understood how paste paper can be the first layer in the design process. They can be further enhanced by colored pencil, inks, gouache, gel pens, crayon resists, stencils and chalk pastels—or not. Anna’s Paste Paper Party is one step in the design process. It is not just finger-painting for adults, it is a playground for exploring painted paste as a layer, design, and embellishment for text. Color and texture adds tone, sets mood, provides focal point, creates rhythm and embraces text. Indeed, paste paper is a venerable tradition worth learning. You can do anything you want with this painted paper that you can do with any other kind of paper.

This is one party you don’t want to miss. We will leave this party with paper ready prepared for lettering, or for anything else you wish. Consider the colors and lines invoked by your favorite quote, poem or phrase. Have these ideas in mind as you explore paint and texture. I will be there and will bring plenty of mark making tools to share! Sign up for this party—it’ll be a lot of fun!

—Text by Ana Rodriguez; artwork by Anna Pinto